9th Annual Fetal Echocardiography Symposium at UCLA

October 26, 2019
Los Angeles, CA
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The Ninth Annual Fetal Echocardiography and Fetal Cardiac Screening Symposium at UCLA: Pearls from the Masters,” happily returning this year to the beautiful and spacious Luskin Conference Center in the heart of the gorgeous UCLA campus, will provide a fully updated, state-of-the-art program, presented by an esteemed multidisciplinary faculty. Retaining its popular clinical focus, the symposium will provide a full day of learning, dedicated to real-life tips and pearls specifically for those physicians and sonographers who perform or interpret fetal cardiac screening examinations. In addition to live scanning on actual patients, state-of-the- art presentations by international experts in the field will address clinically relevant topics including, but not limited to: what are we (and our guidelines) doing wrong; how to optimize your image; the benefits and risks of prenatal diagnosis; how to scan and interpret the four chamber/ right and left ventricular outflow tract/three-vessel views; how to recognize and interpret major forms of heart disease (including special clues for the detection of ventricular septal defects, aortic/pulmonary stenosis, transposition of the great arteries, tetralogy of Fallot, coarctation of the aorta, TAPVR, and many others); how to evaluate fetal arrhythmias; and a special section on fetal cardiac function, including a live demonstration.
As in prior years, if you are looking mainly for statistics or reviews of the literature, this course is not for you. But if you are looking to improve your ability to scan or to interpret scans of the fetal heart, this highly popular annual symposium will likely be among the most valuable courses you will have ever attended.

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